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How To Include Your Dog In Your Valentine’s Day Plans

What better holiday is there to show your dog that you love him than on Valentine’s Day? No longer just for humans, Valentine’s Day is perfect for creating something special for your most devoted furry family member. If you’ve successfully completed our #12weekpuppychallenge, your dog is likely well-socialized. This is perfect if you are considering taking your pup to a dog-friendly location to celebrate Valentine’s Day. There are plenty of coffee shops and bistros that welcome well-mannered dogs. But, if you would rather stay inside we have some tips for how to include your dog in your Valentine’s Day plans! Being that Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to express ones love, you can use it to: Take your dog on...

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When Is The Best Time To Add a Puppy To Your Family

We get this question a lot, and we have to laugh because even with good planning it always feels a little nerve racking to add a puppy to your family. In a lot of ways, a puppy is like a toddler who is learning how to walk. A little unstable, a little unsure, and lacking the natural inhibitions that can keep them out of trouble. A parent’s job is to patiently teach their toddler, and to guide with gentle loving care. It’s no different with a puppy. New pet owners have the same job and use many of the same skills: patience, gentleness and caring. If you have these three attributes, it definitely is the best time to add a...

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