Why It's Important to Take Photos of Your Puppy

Woman taking a selfie with her dog.

I don’t know about you, but I can never have enough pictures of my dog. With my phone’s camera at the ready, my poor dog just can’t get a break. I think he’s on to me too… He likes to turn away at the last second, right before the ‘click’ of his picture being taken. That’s okay fella, I’m patient! Time flies by so quickly when you have a dog - they age faster and photos are often the only thing you have to remember your dog’s puppyhood. That’s why it’s important to take pictures of your puppy.

Throwback Thursday

If you are on social media you’ve probably seen the craze of throwback Thursday posts. Or #TBT as it’s known several channels like Instagram and Facebook. The gist of TBT is that you post a picture of yourself, a friend or relative, or even your pet when they were younger. I started seeing pictures of puppies of the dogs I follow on social media. Boy were they cute! The memories that a dog’s parent has when looking at pics of their pup... They can fill a heart with joy at some of the hardest points in life. Whenever I need a boost, I go into my office and pick up the picture of my heart dog, Mattie, and smile and kiss it. Ah, I feel better!

Puppies Grow Up

Just like babies, a puppy’s features will change over time. For example, if your dog is a hunting breed, they can go from having a relatively round face to having a lean, elongated body and a pointy snout. French Bulldogs, on the other hand, go from being nearly all head as puppies to having stout, little tough bodies. Thanks to the TBT phenomena I became aware of why it’s important to take pictures of your puppy. Puppies grow up. It’s a fact of life. And, you’ll want to capture all of their puppyhood to remember always.

Ways To Capture Pictures of Your Puppy

It seems simple to whip out your smartphone and take pictures of your puppy. But it can be challenging. Particularly when your pup finds your phone interesting and paws at it. We highly recommend a few key items that will help you take amazing pictures of your puppy.

The Basics

Treats, need we say more (hint: use these treats)? A treat is a surefire way to get your puppy’s attention - and you want their attention when photographing them. To give your puppy dimension in photos, make sure to take upshot of them as well as at their eye-level. Looking down at your dog can be unflattering and make them appear uninterested. Also, don’t use a flash as they can startle your puppy making for a blurry shot, and it can discolor their eyes and fur in the photo. Take photos of your puppy where s/he is in nature or where there is a lot of texture. The juxtaposition of your pup’s fur against different colors and depths will help him/her pop in an image.  

Sit In One Place

A lot of people chase their puppy around to get the best photo. The problem with this approach is that you aren’t at the puppy’s eye-level. Being above your puppy can result in very sweet up-look photos - capturing your dog’s innocent puppy eyes. But there are ways to easily get that look. We’ll go into that later. For now, what you want to do it sit on the floor, where your puppy plays. Let your puppy do his or her thing. Keep your smartphone at your puppy’s height, set your phone’s camera to burst without a flash, and just snap away while your puppy plays. These result in great action shots.

Top-Down Photos

If you want to capture your puppy’s sweet eyes looking up at you, there’s a trick! You want to get up on something that gives you height while also using the zoom feature of your phone’s camera. Why? Because when you stand on the floor your puppy will often climb up on you - that’s not the look you are going for. So kneel on a dining room chair or climb onto a kitchen cupboard. That’s not the only secret though! You’ll want your dog’s squeaky toy or a smelly treat. When you are positioned, camera-ready, squeak the toy or show the treat - then click away. These types of photos always come out great when properly planned!

Saving Photos

It’s not enough to just take photos of your darling puppy, you’ll want to save them. First things first, however! You’ll want to upload your puppy’s photos to social media sites as well as our puppy training app - here’s a tip for you: our app has been updated to include shared photos! Just tap on a user’s profile, and from the Social tab, you can see a dog’s images. Okay, now after you’ve done that you’ll want to get your images saved to a hard drive or a cloud service to safely store them.

Naming Photos

While it may be a bit of a pain, you want to change the file name of every photo you save. We recommend using your puppy’s name, year, month, and date, along with a brief description. So, for example, if your dog’s name was Fido, they’d look like this:




You get the gist. By saving your images this way you can easily sort by the name of your dog, should you have more than one, dates, and what your dog(s) was doing. It makes it very easy to find and use images either by pet name or by action, and even age of your dog.

Now Go Take Some Photos

We get it, we’re dog lovers too. There’s nothing wrong with taking a lot of pictures of your puppy. They will be your keepsake for life. Make time to celebrate the ordinary and extraordinary things your puppy does - get photos of those sweet, precious times. Oh, and don’t forget about the silly times. Because when you are at work, dealing with a deadline, there’s nothing that will lighten a mood faster than looking at the photos of your goofy pup!

Rebecca Sanchez

Rebecca Sanchez lives in Seattle with her husband and three dogs and is a published author, and nationally recognized leader in the pet industry. Known as The Pet Lifestyle Guru™ Rebecca firmly believes “we need animals as much as they need us!” Rebecca specializes in researching and writing about holistic dog health and nutrition, and develops DIY recipes designed to enhance a pup's well-being.


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