About Us

Social Puppy is a young Canadian company on a mission: to help as many new dog owners as possible raise wonderful, well-behaved companions. 

It's terribly sad that over 3.3 millions dogs are given up for adoption each year in the United States alone. Through education, supplies, and support we want to help reduce the number of dogs (and people!) that go through that traumatizing experience.

Whether you're raising a rescue or a puppy, we strongly believe that through positive reinforcement training combined with patience and persistence, anyone can raise a great dog. You can read all about how we started this journey on our blog.

Thank you for visiting our website. Check out our mobile app, our shop, and our blog to see the puppy training resources we've put together to help you on your journey raising a four legged companion.

If you have any questions about our products or raising your dog, reach out to us on social media or via our blog.