Privacy Policy

What Is This

Social Puppy is a website and iOS app to help new puppy parents raise their dogs. Specifically, it provides a personalized program to raising a puppy with an emphasis on positive reinforcement training and socialization. Social Puppy is produced by Vedo Ventures.

How We Collect Information

We collect information about our users in three ways: 1) Through recording details about the traffic to our website and the usage of our iOS app; 2) By recording the account identification properties of our subscribers; and 3) By receiving information including contact information provided by users in their communications with us.

Details about the traffic to our website and usage of our iOS app are collected both directly by our webserver and through third parties including Apple and Google Analytics. Details such as our users’ operating systems, browser types, screen resolutions, URL requests, and IP address are recorded. This information can be used to track repeated visits to our website. No personally identifiable information is recorded by these methods.

Similarly, through the process of purchasing our iOS app, users may provide their email address to also access our website. At no time is credit card information nor a user's name or address transferred from Apple to Vedo Ventures.

When users contact Social Puppy via email or telephone for support or sales inquiries, any contact details they share may be recorded to facilitate user identification and to further manage their inquiry.

How We Protect Your Privacy

Your privacy is protected by multiple means including limited collection, restricted access and secure servers. We carefully limit the collection of personal information to the cases where it is necessary to provide our services. Access to collected information is restricted to the firms and individuals necessary to provide our services. In the cases where personally identifiable information is collected by Vedo Ventures, we store such information on encrypted devices accessible only to personnel immediately responsible for the use and security of such information. Additionally, all communications between users and our servers through this website and our mobile app is encrypted through secure socket layers (SSL) technology.

How To Contact Us

If you have any questions about these policies or our services, please contact us using the form at